Advantage and disadvantage essay writing IELTS Advantages Disadvantages essay

Advantage and disadvantage essay writing IELTS Advantages Disadvantages essay There wasn’t just one option to do that, of course. But the real way i recommend to my IELTS students works very well. Here it really is in summary: Paragraph 1: Introduction Paragraph 2: Advantages Paragraph 3: Disadvantages Paragraph 4: Conclusion Needless to say, it is perfectly fine to switch paragraphs 2 and 3 if you wish to. Let’s look in the relevant question again: There appears to be an increasing trend towards assessing students through exams rather than continual assessment. Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of exams as a kind of assessment? And look that is now let’s the aforementioned structure in a little more detail. Paragraph 1 = Introduction Paraphrase the background statement (the first sentence above) Say that there are advantages and disadvantages for this Here’s what I wrote: These days increasing emphasis is placed on assessing students’ performance through examinations, as opposed to assessment that is continual. I really believe that the use of exams in schools and universities has both positive and negative implications. You will notice that I have said there are benefits and drawbacks but I haven’t said what they are. I am going to try this within the physical body of my essay. I also haven’t yet given my overall opinion. I’ll save this when it comes to conclusion. Topic sentence saying that you will find (several / various) advantages linked to the matter Advantage 1 + extension (= reasons examples that are/ Advantage 2 + extension (= reasons examples that are/ I think there are various advantages to exams that are using a way of evaluating performance. First of all, the knowledge that an exam is scheduled for the final end of a period of study encourages students to exert effort harder although the weeks or months prior to the examination. […]

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